Lavender Week 05 November, 2019

All the entries here so far have had a focus on either Software Engineering & Computer Science, or running a business. Today, I'd like to change that and start including a hobby of mine. Baking

To kick it off, I want to summarize what I learned this last week in baking during my lavender week.

I baked the following four desserts.

1 - Chocolate Lavender Cake (Adapted from Love & Olive Oil):
  Great, left out the earl grey, could have used more lavender

2 - Lemon Lavender Cake - Marginal, not enough flavor in the cake itself

3 - Lavender Polenta Shortbread - Not great, not enough flavor, polenta granules too big

4 - Pear Lavender Fritters (Adapted from The Pioneer Woman):
  Great, used pears instead of apples, reduced vanilla, used lavender instead of cinnamon.

Here are my takeaways
1 - Don't use just lavender, compliment it with another flavor
2 - Use no more than 2 Tbs, no less than two tsp.
3 - Prefer powdered over whole dried lavender

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